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Kamchatka Discovery

Magnificent nature, volcanic activity, the famous Valley of Geysers, acid lakes and hot fumaroles on active volcanoes, wild bears and rivers rich in fish — this is all the Kamchatka, the farthest corner of Russia. Here, the civilization has not yet encroached upon the natural beauty of the area, here you can still drink the water from the mountain springs, and here you still have a chance to become the pioneer of a lava cave of a remote volcano.

Viisit the Tolbachik volcano area in the Central Kamchatka 500 km from Petropavlovsk, where the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption took place in 1975-76 and has left impressive after-effects: new volcanic cones with hot summits, huge ash fields, hardened lava flows, ash-burned forest. Tops of the new cones are still blazing. The first Soviet lunar vehicles were tested in this area.
Visit the crater of Mutnovsky Volcano with intensive powerful gas and steam spurts and boiling mud cauldrons. Mutnovsky is considered the most impressive Kamchatka volcano now because it is always active. Cross taiga and mountains areas rafting down the Bystraya River with good chances to see brown bears and to fish salmon. Visit national villages of native people – the Evens and get acquainted with their history, culture and present life.

Dates of arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy in 2018: 12, 26 of July, 08, 23 of August