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Photos of Kamchatka, Russia: volcanoes, geysers, lakes
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Kamchatka: volcano


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The next stage of trip is the flight to the Valley of Geysers, the most famous area of Kamchatka. We all remember that in the summer of 2007 (July, I think) the Valley of Geysers suffered of landslide. The landslide blocked the river, which then flooded the most interesting bunch of geysers.
I'm flying to the Valley two months later. We waited good weather for a long time (3-4 days in late August, while I was sitting in Petropavlovsk, and a few days after a trip to the volcanoes).
I just got lucky by pure chance, I took the best space in the helicopter. The helicopter has 6 windows on each side, and only two of them may be opened. And I sat down at the last window that can be opened! Therefore, I made wonderful pictures. Helicopter on the way to the Valley of Geysers makes circle above erupting Karymsky, flight around volcano Semyachik with insanely beautiful alkaline crater lakes, and on the way back landing in the caldera of Uzon volcano.

Kamchatka from helicopter - the Karymskoye lake:
Kamchatka from helicopter - the Karymskoye lake

The Karymskiy volcano and Karymskoe lake
Kamchatka. The Karymskiy volcano and Karymskoe lake

There is volcano Small Semyachik with very beautiful turquoise lake in the crater:
Kamchatka. Volcano Small Semyachik
They say that the steel braided rope section of 40 mm dissolved in the lake water for 10 minutes.

And here is the Valley of Geysers, view of the "stained glass". Many geysers gush out of the wall, intermittently.
Kamchatka. The Valley of Geysers
The Valley of Geysers

The caldera of Uzon volcano:
Kamchatka. The caldera of Uzon volcano
Chloride lake

Another interesting thing: small mud volcanoes, also in Uzon:
Kamchatka. Small mud volcanoes
It gurgles.

On the way back, we flew past Karymsky volcano again. Super - ash eruptions began. Very noticeable that the "smoke" from a volcano become a dark gray instead of white as in the previous photo.
Kamchatka. The ash eruptions of Karymsky volcano
The ash eruptions of Karymsky volcano

And of course, a description of the trip to Kamchatka, would not be complete without him:
Kamchatka. Evrazhka
This is evrazhka - a local resident.

Evrazhka ate a lot of cookies, and his cheeks lay on the shoulders. These are good animals, they are not afraid of people and eat cookies from the hands. Tailed, quick, funny:
Kamchatka. Evrazhka: tailed, quick, funny